2017 Goals Revisited

2017 goals

As we’re nearly at the end of 2017 I’ve started thinking about my goals for 2018. But before I do that, I wanted to take a look at my 2017 goals and share my progress. I haven’t achieved every goal on my list but I think it’s always good to reflect. Hopefully these reflections will help me to continue bettering myself in the coming year. Here is my 2017 goals list that I posted in January, and a little bit about how I got on with each one…

Get my first freelance writing job

I did get my first freelance job writing about health and fitness, and some travel writing work later in the year. Woohoo.

Find or create a job with flexible/remote working

I haven’t found or created a flexible or remote job yet but I did enrol to college to study web design. Learning to code has been way harder than I expected but I’m really loving the design side of it. Hopefully in a couple of years I’ll have my first few clients and be working for myself remotely!

Take time to do something I love every day

I definitely didn’t make a conscious effort to do this because most of the time I forgot I’d made this goal. I have been doing a lot more writing, baking and arty things this year though.

Post on my blog at least once a week

I managed to keep this goal up even if a couple of posts were a few days late. I’ve made 105 new posts this year so far and I’m not gonna lie, I’m very impressed with myself.

Go back to Canada

I did go back to Canada. I only stayed for 3 months but I don’t regret a thing because so many amazing things have happened since I left.

Visit a country I’ve never been to

I didn’t get round to visiting Cuba or Brazil but I did visit 5 new countries! Jamaica, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Poland. Genuinely never even imagined I’d be able to do all of that this year. What a life.

Be kinder

I wouldn’t say I’ve been particularly unkind at all but I haven’t really been making an effort to go that extra mile. I make a conscious effort to do something extra kind every so often but I definitely need to work on that more.

Have more fun with exercise 

1000% failed at this one. I exercised way less now than I used to. I’ll get back to the gym soon… zzzzz

On the plus side, I have become a lot more health conscious and finally made the transition to veganism which I’d been thinking about for a couple of years.

Get into a habit of meditating every day

Again, nope. Still trying though.

Lower my expectations

I can’t say I haven’t been disappointed by certain things going wrong. But I’ve definitely got a lot better at just accepting things for how they are.

So while there are some goals I didn’t manage to achieve this year, there are others that I excelled at. I’m really excited to write and start working on my goals for 2018.

Which of your 2017 goals have you achieved so far? Leave a comment and let me know!



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  1. Sounds like you’ve made amazing progress over the year, well done on sticking to posting a blog post a week, that’s great! And so exciting that you visited five new countries too 😀 looking forward to seeing how you get on in 2018 x

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