Get to Know Me- 25 Questions Nobody Ever Asks

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired lately and wasn’t sure what to write about this week as I haven’t been up to a whole lot. So I thought instead of forcing myself to write, I’d just do another Q&A tag. (see my travel one here)

I found lots of different versions online and I know the “TMI tag” is so last year but I love doing this kind of thing. Feel free to copy my questions if you want to do this too.


What is one quote you live by?

“It is what it is”. For me that means there’s no point in worrying about things that you can’t control. Everything always works out.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?


How much do you weigh?

Around 9st/125lbs

How long does it take you to shower? 

About 3 minutes, ha. In then out. If I’m washing my hair I might go crazy and take 5 minutes.

Something you really miss?

My fam back home in Scotland

What turns you on in the opposite sex?

Respectfulness and good humour

What turns you off? 

Neediness. Also game playing- bye Felicia

Last time you cried?

On Saturday when watching Titanic for the 107th time in my life

Last book you read?

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Last place you went on vacation?

Canada- my life is currently one big vacation.

Last song you sang?

LA Confidential by Tory Lanez

Favourite chat up line?

Any of the really creepy ones that leave everyone in the room feeling awkward.

Last time you kissed someone?

About three weeks ago

Which physical feature do you get complimented on the most? 

My eyes 🍑

First thing you notice in the opposite sex?

Skin colour.. lol

If you had to live in the world of the last movie you watched where would you be living?

On the Titanic

If you could have any celebrity as your best friend who would it be?

The Rock. He’s funny.

Something that makes you happy?

Sunshine. And food. And naps.

Something that makes you sad?

The fact that my best friend can’t come in my pocket wherever I go.

How do you feel about public affection?

I don’t care as long as it’s not excessive. Personally I’m not a huge fan.

A fear you have overcome?

Cats and the dentist (kinda)

What’s the best gift you ever received?

Memory books made by my friends on my 21st birthday

Which emotion do you experience most?

Is tired an emotion?

Scariest experience?

Bungee jumping off a bridge

What is one thing you really want right now?

An unlimited supply of money so I could keep travelling all ma life

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