3 Days In Bruges | Things To Do In Bruges, Belgium

couples enjoying sunshine during 3 days in bruges

I recently visited Bruges in Belgium as part of a mini Euro trip I did with my boyfriend Chachi. We only spent 3 days in Bruges but it seemed like the kind of place you could easily spend a week in and still have a huge list of things left to do. We skipped most of the touristy stuff and kept things pretty relaxed but we still had a fab time. Here’s what we did…

We explored the city by bike

Since we only had 3 days in Bruges, we wanted the chance to see as much of the city as possible. We rented our bikes from Bruges Bike Rental and this is located at Niklaas Desparsstraat 17. If I remember correctly it was €10 each for 4 hours which was pretty decent. The good thing about Bruges is that leaving bikes unattended doesn’t seem to be a problem (at least during the day) because there are so many of them. We left ours a few times and they were never touched.

Minnewater Park

We cycled through the centre of town (which, by the way, is absolutely crazy) and headed to Minnewater park. We came armed with snacks and wine then sat in the leaves by the lake for a couple of hours watching the sunset. Cute.

Torture museum

Don’t ask why we did this. As we were walking past I saw a creepy little staircase next to a sign saying “Torture museum” and decided to go in. The entry fee was €6 as a student but I think it costs €8 for non-students. It was pretty small but there was a lot to see and it was so eye-opening. It was really sad to read about the horrible punishments that used to go on around Europe but it was very educational. The museum is in an old prison (one of the oldest in Europe) and you can find it at Wollestraat 29.

Window shopping

Bruges has lots of food stalls and shops around and we had great fun wandering around them all. There were lots and lots of chocolate shops, most of which sold some fab dark chocolate. I bought a small bag of samples to eat whilst walking around. The last shop we visited was a cosmetic store that we spent 30 minutes in because the sales assistant kept trying to sell us soap on a stick. We made a quick escape when some other customers came in.


Eating and drinking

We spent most of our time and money on eating and drinking. If we weren’t at restaurants, we were eating supermarket snacks or drinking in Market Square. I found it quite hard to eat well as a vegan during our 3 days in Bruges but I did manage to find some fab food. My favourite place to eat was Pita Huis because it was super yummy and very vegan friendly. Find it at Philipstockstraat 35.

Heartbreakingly, I couldn’t find vegan waffles anywhere but we did come across a shop called Fred’s which sells vegan sorbet. Chachi got a Belgian waffle and I got some fruit flavoured sorbet. It was absolutely delicious. Fred’s is at Eiermarkt 20.


I hope you enjoyed my mini travel diary and hope it helped if you’re planning a trip to Bruges in the future. I’ll shortly be moving over to my self-hosted website (yay!) so if you’d like to keep following my blog, please join my email list below.

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