7 Days of Yes- Day 2

Following on from my first 7 days of Yes post yesterday, I wanted to share the things that happened on day 2 of the little challenge I set myself. I’m not expecting this week to be wild and crazy by any means.. I can’t see myself being asked to go skydiving or swim across the Atlantic Ocean in the next 5 days but the aim is just to have more of an interesting week than usual.¬†

Yesterday at work (call centre) we got paired up with some long-standing colleagues to listen to their calls. As we’re still training, we were told we could take calls if we wanted to but it wasn’t a requirement. So when my buddy asked if I felt like taking a call, I of course had to say yes. Not gona lie, I felt like I was going to cry because I felt so nervous, even if that sounds a bit stupid. Then I remembered everything is pointless¬†(lol) and just went for it. Luckily it was pretty straight forward and I felt so proud of myself afterwards, haha. It’s the little things…

I was also in a little panic about my budget for my travels in a few weeks. I thought about staying here longer to save more money until I remembered about work exchange. (Plus life’s too short.) I’d been putting it off for weeks but yesterday I said yes and signed up to the Help X website. Within an hour I’d received a message from a family willing to host me for two weeks at the beginning of next month, in exchange for a few hours of childcare a day. We’re still confirming everything but it will be a fab way to save some money for a couple of weeks!

When I got back from work I was contemplating eating plain pasta again for dinner because I’m so desperately trying to save money and had nothing else to eat with it. Then I realised how stupid that was and I decided to spend the last $5 of my weekly budget on some more food. So off I went.. I was halfway down the street when I bumped into one of my old roommates. She had some leftover pizza with her and asked if I wanted it. Score. Not only did I get to save my $5 but I got to save my ever so fabulous dry pasta for another day. So if saying yes means free food, I’m in. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

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