7 Days of Yes- Days 6 and 7

I feel I’m getting old when I say this but the weeks are just disappearing on me. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I wrote my first “7 Days of Yes” post. Jees.

On the last two days of my challenge I wanted to focus on saying yes to uncomfortable situations. On Monday I had to job shadow at one of the offices (face to face customer service) which was the most awkward 3 hours of my life. I just had to stand behind the desk walking around watching the other staff members do their job. I also get very low blood sugar so standing in a really hot and loud office for 3 hours straight before lunch meant most of my energy was going towards not fainting.

The office was packed busy and people were looking at me wondering why I was standing doing nothing instead of helping them. When one of the staff members I was watching got up to do something and I was left standing with her customer, I took the opportunity to talk to her about her recent move from Toronto. Not gona lie, it felt SUPER awkward because I was so uncomfortable being there. But I did it none the less. Progress not perfection… (That’s what they say, right?)

I also took the opportunity to communicate. Usually if someone annoys or upsets me I’ll just ignore them or pretend everything’s fine. So when a friend cancelled on me for the third time in two weeks, I said yes to communication. I had initially ignored them but when they asked if I was ok a few days ago (because I ignored them) I remembered the challenge I set myself. I told them I was annoyed they kept cancelling and would rather they didn’t keep suggesting to do something if they were going to cancel last minute and leave me with nothing to do. Probably not a big deal to most people but huge for someone who never says how they feel. I’m glad I did it because I don’t think they actually realised/thought about how I felt until I said it, and they apologised.

I also said yes to socialising when I seriously didn’t feel like it. A friend from the hostel kept asking me to hang out at the bar there so I promised I would on Monday. But after a day at work on 2 hours of sleep and several encounters with extremely rude people, all I wanted to do was go to bed. My body expresses stress through tears and communication is extremely difficult when I feel that way whilst trying to act like a normal human.

The WHOLE way through the conversation I felt like crying. Genuinely. Everyone around me was drunk and here I was sipping my chamomile tea. The bar is also very loud and busy so I had to almost shout to be heard which added to my stress even more, ha ha. I’m sure my friend could sense the way I was feeling so wasn’t too fussed when I said I was going to bed after half an hour. And although it was super uncomfortable it was a small victory over my anxiety.

As well as all the weird stuff I’ve said yes to a lot of nice things too:

It’s been an odd but fun week and I’m glad I did it. It hasn’t been particularly life changing or crazy but I’ve definitely made some fab memories and a little bit of progress in terms of my anxiety. I plan to continue saying yes as much as I can and I challenge you to do the same!

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