A Layover at the Blue Lagoon

I visited Iceland as my last stop on the round-the-world trip I did in 2013. I had always wanted to see the Blue Lagoon and it was cheaper to fly home to Scotland from New York via Iceland so I thought why not make a trip out of it? My friends and I decided to stay for 2 nights and booked a B&B close by Keflavik airport.

The B&B was called Ace guesthouse which was recommended by a travel agent. The owners were so accommodating and did so much for us- including coming over to greet us and prepare our room at 6am when we arrived earlier than expected. The house had everything we needed and had a hot-tub in the garden with a beautiful view. One of the owners took us into town when we needed to withdraw cash and the next day took us to the Blue Lagoon in their car. They even offered us their second car to drive which we politely declined out of fear of crashing from driving on the opposite side of the road. It’s kind gestures like this that made me fall in love with home stays and stray further from staying at hotels.

When we first got the the Blue Lagoon I couldn’t believe it was actually real. It looked exactly like it does in all of those crazy pictures online. The water was quite hot and smelled strongly of sulfur but it was a nice escape from the 14 degree (summer!) temperature outside. There were certain spots in the lagoon where you could use some of the silica mud as a face mask and I was confused as to why everyone was walking around with white faces until I figured this out. There’s also a pool bar, some small waterfall features, a steam room and a sauna.

Although the entry fee was a little steep (we paid around 40 euros) it was definitely a great experience. Even if you decide not to go in the water it’s worth visiting for the view alone.









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