A Local's guide to Edinburgh

Thank you to Rhanna from wanderinginwanderland.com for this wonderful guest post!

If  I’m not off exploring then you’ll find me wandering in my very own city – Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a beautiful place to live and I must admit we’re known for being particularly proud of it. I’m going to let you in on the locals secrets of the city and my favourite things to do.

Search for ‘golden’ flower fields

If you’re in Edinburgh during spring and early summer – search for fields full of flowers. I’ll give you a surprising hint where to find them – drive along the bypass! You’ll get beautiful views of the city and you can pretend to be a model for a minute or two!


Climb Arthur’s Seat

I know, it’s not really a secret. However, locals love to do this too. You might find us cheekily driving up half way though. The views are breathtaking from up there and, like we do, you can say you’ve worked out for the afternoon! Win!


Visit Portobello

I’m not just biased as I live here but I could show you hundreds of magical photos over Edinburgh’s seaside. Most visitors might just come down if it’s a nice sunny day. However, you’re most likely to find us locals there when the sun isn’t beaming down and the weather is a little cooler. In portobello there are many beer gardens for sunny days such as Foresters, The Espy or The Dalriada.  There’s parks to wander and many ice cream stops on the way. If you want a good sunset picture to take home then get to porty! (Told you I’m not biased.)


Climb the Scott Monument

If in Edinburgh, you really can’t miss the Scott monument – smack bang in the middle of Princess street. While most just take beautiful pictures of it from the ground, why not pay a couple of pounds and climb to the top!? The view is definitely impressive!


Go for a drive!

There are so many wonderful places that are just a 30 minute drive from Edinburgh! If you’re there for a couple of days, hit up one of the surrounding towns for something a little different. My three top days out are:

North Berwick – Another beach with a lot of quirky gift shops and a bird centre, too.


Dunbar – Dunbar is this cute little fisherman’s town with a harbour full of seals and fishermen waiting to tell you a story or two!

Oldhamstocks – With roughly about fifteen houses and no shops, Oldhamstocks might appear to have very little but if you love to explore, swim in rivers, climb the hills and get spooked in the woods then Oldhamstocks is a dream.


Go to our island

Edinburgh has it’s own island – Cramond Island. After walking across the ocean (tide depending) and exploring the island, you could then walk back across and go visit Cramonds Waterfall! There are a few good little cafes down that way too!

crammond waterfall.jpg

Visit South Queensferry

South Queensferry is a small, quirky town with a view to kill for (or we think so anyway). With not one but three bridges to join Edinburgh and Fife, the sunsets can be pretty amazing. If you do decide to head there, grab an ice cream or you could even take the short drive to Craigie’s fruit farm and pick some fresh fruit and see some piggies.

south queensferry.jpg

Chill in the Meadows

You might think when the sun starts to shine that we head to Princess street gardens but actually most of us head to the meadows! There you’ll find us barbecuing, chilling and probably having a drink.

Just Wander!

I’ll often just wander about the city and getting lost is probably the best thing you can do. With the Royal Mile, The Grassmarket, Dean village, Leith docks and so many more, the city isn’t short of places to have a wander.

wandering the city.jpg

Party in the Cowgate

I’m a Cowgate girl through and through. There are a few different areas to have a drink in Edinburgh. If you like to wear your heels and put on your best dress then George street is the place to be. However, if you’re like me and a bit more casual then head down to the Cowgate. With many different bars and clubs, there is more or less something for everyone. The thing I like about the Cowgate is that people are there to party. I’ve walked down dressed as a tiger in the middle of June and people think its amazing and not completely bonkers (maybe a little bonkers!). Just be yourself in the Cowgate, lads!


Hide at the weekend

Okay, we don’t literally hide at the weekend but if I’m thinking of heading to Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival or Winter Wonderland, I tend to do it in the week days. Then I hope to miss the long queues and having to say ‘excuse me’ a billzillion times. These festival periods are marmite to the locals. You love it or you hate it. However, we wont deny that many of us like a bevy or two. During the Fringe, there are so many quirky pop up bars and there is entertainment wherever you look – it’s definitely something that everyone has to experience at least once in their life.


Tourist Day Out

I’ve just given you a snippet of Edinburgh and definitely from a local’s point of view. There is so much more to do (that we do too) but are ‘tourist attractions’. Things such as the castles (we have two if you didn’t know), the many amazing museums, getting spooked at Edinburgh Dungeons and being amazed at Camera Obscura. There are also many night ghost tours which I hands down, admit LOVE!

So yep, Edinburgh is pretty amazing. I’ve still to see everywhere and do everything but hey! I told you I wasn’t biased.

Rhanna is a 25 year old travel blogger from Scotland. You can visit her blog here and give her a follow on Instagram here


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