A queen shrine, nightclubs and flamingos. Canada travel diaries #5

I’m feeling settled in Victoria now and having a routine means it’s starting to feel like home a bit. In a weird, living-with-crazy-people, questioning-my-own-sanity-constantly-and-getting-no-sleep kinda way. I think one of my roommates might be possessed because she does some weird shit at nights. She never talks to us unless she’s being rude so here’s hoping I don’t get murdered. Also it’s kinda weird always seeing people out of their face on drugs, shouting to a non-existent Robert that they want their truck back or reversing into me with their motor scooter whenever I leave the hostel. But I’m worryingly getting used to it (pray for me). I’m just going to stay at this hostel as I don’t want to be tied to a lease when I want to leave to travel in a couple months. I’ve been planning a trip to the Caribbean and Florida with a friend so that’s keeping me motivated. Exciting times!

One thing I can’t get used to though is being asked CONSTANTLY “do you have an accent?” which is is the most stupid question in the world. Everyone on the planet has an accent and I’m sure you can tell mines isn’t Canadian when you hear me talk. Insanity.

Training for my job is still going fine and everyone’s still really nice. I got the absolute shock of my life though when I saw one guy had a complete shrine of the queen on his desk. Posters, bobble heads, stickers, the lot. I said, “I notice you’re a fan of Liz” and he replied saying he has to be because we work for a crown corporation. That kind of made me want to jump out a window but I’m sure I can manage to work there a little longer.

I had my first Victorian nightclub experience last weekend and the only two words that come to mind are cattle and market. No groups of friends on the dance floor just having a good time, only hundreds of newly matched couples grinding and dry humping. It was a bit intimidating so me being the granny I am sat at a table in the corner having drinks with my friend for most of the night. A Mexican guy came up to me, told me his name then tried to kiss me. After I told him no he tried to put his hand between my legs and looked genuinely confused when I moved his hand and told him to go away. He told me “it doesn’t make sense” then walked away. Boke.

The next day one of my roommates and I went to a butterfly garden and I saw a bloody flamingo for the first time ever. Life goals.

We then had a walk through a beautiful park (Beacon Hill) and discovered a cool little rocky beach at the end. It really reminded me of Scotland, it was so beautiful. We saw loads of homemade beach houses that people actually lived in which was interesting. There were bigger ones than the one I photographed but people were in them and I didn’t want to cause a riot.

I’m off work until Tuesday for Easter so I’m trying to find some more free/cheap things to do. I can easily spend $250 in a couple days here without even trying but I gotta save the dollas for my next adventure. Not gona lie though, eating pasta, oats and rice all day every day at work makes me want to go wild and eat out 8 times a day at the weekends. I may or may not have developed a Thai food on Fridays habit.

Today (Saturday) I went for a walk to Elk lake with my wee South African pal then we came back downtown and sat by the harbour for a while in the sun. It’s nice to be around people that always bring good vibes and I’m thankful to have a few good connections in such a short amount of time.

That’s all I really have to report for now to be honest. This week hasn’t been too crazy but I’m sure there will be some more wild moments to write of soon.

Have a fab week lads.

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