Akumal Bay

When I visited Mexico earlier this year, my friend suggested we go to Akumal bay. It’s a popular tourist spot where you can snorkel with turtles just minutes from the shore.

To get there we took a colectivo which is a local bus, kind of like a mini van. On the colectivo you need to just signal at the side of the road (there are no ‘bus stops’) and to get off you shout to the driver to stop when you get close to where you want to be. They were super hot and crowded but a cheap way of getting around and it allowed me to get a real taste of how locals live. Our colectivo picked us up from Tulum and dropped us off at the side of the high way in Akumal. We then walked for around 20 minutes until we reached the bay. It was so beautiful there. Although very crowded with tourists, it was like one of the beaches you would see on a postcard.

We put on our snorkels and headed to the water. I felt super claustrophobic wearing my snorkel so ended up coming out of the water soon after. I hadn’t seen any turtles after swimming out for quite a while so I thought people must only see them if they’re lucky. But when my friend came out of the water and told me there were loads swimming around I thought I’d better try again.

I swam back out to where I was before, then about 5 meters more, and there they were. Two giant sea turtles. They were so friendly too and swam so close to me. It’s something I will never forget- especially as I almost missed them!

If you’re ever in QR/ Yucatan I’d definitely recommend scheduling a trip here. It’s such a stunning place.

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