Balmerino- my secret place

When I was really young my dad would take my older brother and I camping in a quiet little spot called Balmerino. Balmerino (in Scotland) is about a 30 minute drive from where I live in Dundee. As a kid, I loved going there and exploring but I love it even more so now I’m older.

The spot where we would camp has a pebbly beach, a huge forest and a beautiful view of the river which connects to Dundee city. I remember aged 5 finding a “magic” white stone on the beach and telling my dad it changed colour every time I took it out of my pocket. I swear it did…

We would make a tree swing then build a campfire to cook sausages and toast marshmallows which has always been my favourite thing about camping. My brother and I would roam around the forest pretending we were characters in ‘Braveheart’ then go down to the beach to skim some pebbles on the water. It’s a place that holds so much happiness for me and I’m really grateful I’m still able to visit.

A friend and I visited last week to build a fire and toast marshmallows. It was so amazing and brought back so many happy memories although walking through the forest to get back to my car in the pitch black was pretty scary. When we got out of the forest and reached the beach, I looked at the sky and had one of those moments in life where I just felt totally overwhelmed and in amazed at life. The sky was so clear and we could see so many stars and lots of satellites.

I love Balmerino because it’s always so peaceful and hardly anybody knows it exists. If I’m ever feeling stressed or upset I will drive to the beach there and just sit and listen to the water. It really is my secret place and I can’t wait to take my future children on camping trips there too.



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