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being present

I wrote a post last year, titled Success, Happiness and Living For Now. At that time I was beginning to get very good at being present and not worrying about the future. The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle really helped me to work on this.

I’ve realised recently that I’ve been allowing my circumstances to get in the way of presence once again. Worrying about money, about my future career and about my health A LOT. I’ve also been comparing myself to others in terms of being “good enough”. I’ve been feeling that everyone else my age has their shit together while I’m still wandering around aimlessly. But then I remembered that society’s definition of having your shit together is not actually what I want out of life. All I really want is to be able to live a simple life where I’m genuinely happy.

Cheating ourselves

When browsing through Youtube yesterday I came across an Alan Watts video that I’d watched just before writing that blog post last year. It’s called “Life Is Not A Journey”. It really inspired me at the time and it really inspired me again yesterday. The part where he says “we cheated ourselves the whole way down the line” really resonated with me. Isn’t that a scary thought? To finally be retiring or have everything you ever wanted, then realising you’re still not happy? I’d really encourage you to watch the video below as he explains this whole thing way better than I ever could.

To be honest I don’t really know what my point is with this post other than to remind others, and myself, that it’s OK to not know where you’re heading in life or what you’re doing. Feeling happy and satisfied doesn’t depend on something you do or don’t do in the future. The only way to be truly happy is to start living in the now and being present- not worrying about the future, because it doesn’t exist anyway.


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  1. Oh, wow. Thanks for sharing that video. A reminder that we have to keep on going with the flow and we’ll surely be wherever we’re meant to, in the right time.

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