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Today I intended to write a little post about my favourite travel destination. But the problem is, there is no way I could pick just one. The world is just too beautiful and interesting to choose one place. So instead, I compiled a small list of my favourites. As I’m usually travelling alone, I narrowed down my list even further and chose the best places for solo travel. But instead of giving you the usual lists that are plastered all over the internet, I wanted to share some less common solo travel destinations. Here are some of the best places I’ve visited all alone…

The best places for solo travel


This city is one of my favourite places in the world, where Canada meets Europe. Both times I was there they had lots of free festivals and street parties going on which was fab. Most people speak French as their first language but if you visit, you’ll meet people from all over the world. The buildings are very old but the city has a very modern vibe, it’s very clean and has lots to do. Old Montreal, Mont Royal (where you can see racoons) and Notre Dame Basilica were my favourite spots.



A weird one. I always said I’d never go to Miami alone because I’m not a huge party animal. But when I found a super cheap flight and went last January, I realised it was perfect for solo travellers. I enjoyed it so much that I even went back to Miami in June this year. You have the beach life and the city life all in one, beautiful weather and lovely people. There are tonnes of hostels and other solo travellers around too, and not everyone wants to party every night.



Toronto is a huuuge city and although it can feel like you’re a small fish in a big pond if you’re alone, there’s never a shortage of things to do. The place has so many neighbourhoods which are all completely different from one another and their transport system is like no other which means getting around is super easy. My favourite parts were Scarborough, Dundas Square, Toronto Island and the waterfront. Toronto is very multicultural too which is why it is one of the best places for solo travel.



From what I saw, Fiji was very safe and the people were lovely. Fiji is also where I skydived for the first time and saw some of the most beautiful sunsets the sky has ever produced. If you’re into the beach life and island hopping you’ll love Fiji. Again, lots of other solo travellers there too.



This isn’t one that’s often recommended as one of the best places for solo travel. I’d heard nothing but horror stories about being alone in Jamaica in general but even more so when anyone mentioned Kingston. That was until I met a girl in Montego Bay. She was around my age, also light-skinned with blonde hair, and was also travelling alone. She told me she’d just been to Kingston and gave me lots of tips and advice for going there myself. That really inspired me to just get up and go. And it was absolutely incredible.

Admittedly, I did have a bit of a bad start in Kingston but to be fair that was maybe due to some bad decision making on my part, and the days that followed were incredible. I think just knowing how much stigma the place had attached to it made it that bit more amazing when I realised it wasn’t all true. The food was incredible, people were friendlier (than in other parts of Jamaica) and there was much more to see and do. Like anywhere else, keep your wits about you if you’re visiting alone.


So there we have it. I’m by no means saying the other places I’ve visited aren’t equally as good for travelling solo- these are just some of my favourites.

Where is your favourite travel destination? Have you ever had a great experience being alone in a place that isn’t as popular with solo travellers? Please let me know in the comments so I can add them to my list!

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  1. Funny you mention two places in Canada…I’d also recommend Vancouver for solo travelers! I went there alone and met SO many incredible people and stayed at a great hostel called Samesun. I look forward to exploring more of Canada- it’s such a beautiful country!

    1. No way I stayed at that hostel too! The weather was horrible both times I was in Vancouver which is why it never made my list hahaha. But you’re right, it’s a beautiful place! Where do you think will be your next destination?

      1. Ahh you have to give it another chance haha I loved Vancouver so much! Have you been to Whistler? My next destination is San Antonio, TX…won’t be a solo trip, but I’ve never been to TX so I’m looking forward to it!

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