Bye Bye Victoria 

Right now I’m on the ferry back to Vancouver to catch my flight to Quebec. Being on this ferry again is reminding me of how depressed I felt when coming to Victoria two months ago (read here). Fortunately, I now feel like a completely different person to the one who wrote that post.

Since March my life has been a total rollercoaster. I’ve, obviously, felt depressed… I’ve worried a lot and I’ve been stressed. But I have also had so many good moments too. I’ve taken steps to gain control of my health and my regular depressive episodes have disappeared which has made life a lot easier.

I’ve had a lot of fabulous times and made some great memories in Victoria. I also have a lot of hilarious stories to tell in the future mainly because strange things/people are drawn to me naturally and my life is a comedy show.

I’ve also met some incredible people, the type of people who just completely restore your faith in humanity. For the first time in a long time I’ve felt able to just enjoy the moment and not worry about what will happen next- particularly in regards to my circumstances, finances and relationships. And it’s so beautiful to be able to live like that.

I’m happy that I started my job and didn’t leave straight away like I wanted to. Although I still hated working full time, the stress completely disappeared the moment I left the building each day, and on my evenings and weekends off I felt like I was on holiday. For my last few weeks in Victoria I felt I would be able to live there long term (minus the hostel situation obvs). I’m going to miss the city a lot but I know I’ll definitely be back one day.

So here I am, on the first leg of my 24 hour journey (the things I do to save a few dollars). I’m really, really excited for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be staying with my friend near Quebec City for a week then doing help exchange in a small town nearby for another two weeks. After that I don’t have anything set in stone but my plan is to travel down the East coast of the USA before meeting my friend in Florida.  Exciting times.

So here’s to a new adventure. And to all of the lovely people I met over the last few months, thank you for making my time in Victoria so special. It’s been unreal.


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