Canada travel diaries #1 – Losing my baggage, a train wreck and jumping off a bridge

13/3 I’m on my way to the airport. I’m feeling a whole mix of emotion. Mostly excited, a bit scared. It’s weird that last year when I travelled I couldn’t wait to leave Scotland but this time I feel a bit sad to leave because I’ve totally fallen in love with my country over the past 6 months. I kind of love not knowing what’s going to happen and travelling by myself is definitely an experience. I always learn a lot. It’s so fun sitting on this bus knowing that I’m about to make life-long memories. I know that whatever happens in the coming months is going to be an adventure.

13/3 Update- I had the journey from hell. I was already about to faint/ have a meltdown after getting up at 4am, 2 delayed flights, almost missing a connection, and not sleeping, eating or drinking for 12 hours on ridiculously hot aeroplanes. Ps. Don’t fly with Wow Air. Then I got told they forgot my suitcase and it will be sent to Toronto on Wednesday, the 15th, when I’ll be at the opposite end of the country. So it will arrive in Vancouver on Thursday. Good thing it isn’t -10 degrees outside and I don’t have any other clothes (note: sarcasm). I’m so frustrated because it’s messed up my travel plans to Whistler. I had a trip booked there from Wed- Sun and now have to wait in Vancouver for my case instead because apparently they won’t send it to Whistler. I’ll be out of pocket for a lot of things I’ve already paid for and the airline are being so unhelpful. Not to mention the fact I’m sleeping in the clothes I’ll be wearing for the next 3 days cause I have no pyjamas (it’s bloody freezing). I guess there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this so I’m trying to just stay calm and roll with it. But oh my god do I want to be home right now.

14/3 I hardly slept last night but I’m feeling a bit less stressed now even though the situation sucks. I’ll fly to Vancouver as planned today and stay there until Thursday. I’ll take the loss and miss my bus and the first two nights accommodation I paid for in Whistler. I’ll call the airline tomorrow to make sure it’s definitely on its way. I’m happy that I did pack my toothbrush, my phone charger and some cosy socks in my hand luggage. Maybe now is a good time to start practicing minimalism for real. On the bright side, the free breakfast included at my hotel is a subway sandwich which is so ideal after eating nothing but nuts and protein bars since Sunday. The little things…

15/3 I decided to just come to Whistler as I originally planned. I realised there’s no point letting this ruin my first few days in Canada. Although I’m so angry at the extreme lack of help the airline have given me, I’ll just wait until Sunday to get my case when I’m back in Vancouver. Clothes are only clothes and it’s not the end of the world if I have to wear the same outfit for a few days. As nice as it would be to have my suitcase, I won’t die without it. Turns out I packed my hand luggage pretty well and I’m glad to have what I have with me. I might not have a huge amount but I do have everything I need now after my friend in Whistler gave me some pyjamas and underwear til I get some more. She’s the best.

This has actually been really good for me to help release my attachment to material things. I’ve never considered myself a materialistic person but the state I got myself in over this the other day has shown me otherwise. And again I’m being reminded to be grateful for what I do have rather than be sad about what I don’t.

16/3 Yesterday afternoon my friend and I went on a hike to see an old abandoned train wreck in the middle of the forest. We walked along a train track for most of the hike as the snow was too deep either side. I don’t know if it was still active with trains or not but I was pretty scared and kept jumping at the slightest sound. The scenery along the way was unreal and the forest felt really creepy in the rain. We were busy reading all of the beautiful quotes graffitied on the train cars until we saw a “bears in the area” sign then decided to go home. Ha. It was such a fab day and reminded me what life is all about- having fun. Not worrying about clothes.

16/3 pt2 Today we went bungee jumping!! 160ft over the Cheakamus river, off a bloody bridge! It was the scariest experience of my whole entire life but the buzz afterwards was incredible. Even just walking across the bridge was terrifying so you can imagine how I felt jumping off the side! The view was amazing and the snow made it so much more beautiful. I’ve always wanted to do a bungee so thought I’d go for it while I had the chance.

Afterwards we got some drinks then went to see La La Land at the cinema. Here are some pics from my day…

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