Canada travel diaries #2 Leaving Whistler/Rainy Vancouver/Lynn Canyon Park

18/3 My last day in Whistler today! I finally got my bag back today in one piece thanks to West Jet. It totally wasn’t even their problem but they were so kind to me.

It’s snowed so much since yesterday and the whole place looks like Narnia.

Today I’m going to do some stuff online for my job then go for a walk. I’ll meet my friend later today once she’s finished work for a little celebration before I leave tomorrow morning. I definitely need to squeeze in a nap somewhere too cause I’m still jet lagged AF and have been awake since 5am. Although there is currently an Iranian woman in my hostel room who prays out loud 6 times a day on a little mat on the floor, so we will see if the nap happens…

Update- Nap didn’t happen. Went for a walk to Green Lake (beautiful- pics below) then had my first hitch hiking experience.

We missed the bus into the village so hitch-hiked instead. The girl who picked us up was lovely and it totally wasn’t as scary as I imagined. But then again, Whistler is a super friendly and safe town. After this we went to a busy bar to drink some Sangria. We had to share one of those long tables with a Danish man who kept shaking our hands and telling us his friend’s name was Casper. He repeatedly asked me if I’d ever been to Europe, even after I told him I was from Scotland approximately 75 million times.

19/3 I’m on my way to Vancouver. I thought my bus was at 10.30am so was just relaxing in a cafe eating breakfast. I had a random incline to double check my bus ticket time then realised it was at 10am… at 10.02am. Thank my lucky stars the bus was still there after we ran round to the stop. Classic me.

Today I met up with my friend from Thunder Bay and we rented bikes to cycle round Stanley Park for a bit. We stopped for a little picnic here:

Even though the sun was out it was bloody freezing so we went back to our hotel and chilled there for the rest of the night.

20/3 We switched hotel today as it was a bit cheaper. Lucky for us their boiler is broken and the hot water cut off as soon as we got here. I was about to bite the bullet and take a cold shower until the bathroom lightbulb fused and suddenly I felt like I was back in Ghana. Life.

24/3 Haven’t really done a lot over the past few days as the weather has been awful- super cold and rainy. It was beginning to make me a bit frustrated and stressed. Today rain wasn’t on the forecast so I decided to make the most of it even though it was still pretty grey. I went to Lynn Canyon park and it was beautiful. Nature just makes everything better. There was a huge suspension bridge there which was cool but kind of crowded with tourists. So I went off the trail (despite bear/cougar warnings, yolo) and chilled at this spot by myself for a while:

So relaxing.

Afterwards I went to the little cafe near the entrance and ate brownies and drank tea by the fire. Cosy.

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