What’s In My Travel Bag? | My Travel Essentials

what's in my travel bag chloevsworld

I’ve been really enjoying reading other bloggers “what’s in my travel bag” posts and decided to write one too. I’m a very light packer most of the time and I used to just take the absolute bare minimum. Normally I would just roll on a flight with nothing more than my passport and money. But […]

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A South American Itinerary | Future Travel Planning

south american itinerary

I’ve wanted to visit South America for the longest time because of all the lovely people I’ve met from there. Countless people I’ve met from Columbia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile have told me to come and visit their country because it’s so beautiful- they are all very proud of where they live. I also really […]

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How To Travel Cheap | My Top Money Saving Tips

how to travel cheap- euros

I have lost count of the amount of times people have asked me how to travel cheap. Obviously it takes a little bit of planning but travelling really isn’t as expensive as most people seem to think. After leaving British Columbia this year I managed to travel for 6 weeks to Quebec, Jamaica and the […]

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