Exploring Scotland

The more I travel the more people I meet who are desperate to visit Scotland. I used to think it was such a boring place and that people from all of these exotic countries were crazy for wanting to visit.

But after realising this year how much I was taking Scotland for granted, I made a promise to myself that I would explore my hometown and surrounding areas more often . And now that I’ve seen just a tiny bit of what it has to offer, I’m desperate for my foreign friends to visit so I can show them around! The scenery and natural beauty is my most favourite thing about Scotland now.

My most recent trip around Scotland was to Loch Leven. I’d heard of it before but never imagined it would be as beautiful as it is. And ironically enough, it’s SO close to where I live.

I think the walk around the loch is about 13 miles total so we only managed to see the half way point before we had to head back. But what we did see was unbelievable. There’s a small restaurant/cafe, old-school sweetie shop, a woodland area, a beach, a watch tower and some beautiful wildlife to be seen. There is also a ferry you can take over to the island where Loch Leven castle is. We climbed over a little fence and walked through a huge amount of long and wet grass to eat our picnic with this beautiful view:


Going off the path is one of my favourite things to do when visiting places- you tend to see things that not many others do and there’s nobody else around. Here’s a little video showing everything we got up to on our trip.

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