Feejee Experience: My Review

When I visited Fiji in 2013 with some friends we booked onto a tour called Feejee Experience. We did the 4 day tour around the island and I would highly recommend it.

We were greeted at Nadi airport by our tour guide Emi and were given a Fijian lei to wear which put me in good spirits. We then went to wait on the bus until the other group members had collected their luggage. The bus had quite a lot of cockroaches on it and I was pretty disappointed at first but I found it’s really not that easy to control them in a place like Fiji. I always look back and laugh now when I think about that bus.

We were then taken to our accommodation for the night, Smugglers Cove, which was pretty chilled. We were left to our own devices and had some time to get settled. We had some cocktails outside and listened to some men play ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ on their ukuleles. I enjoyed the tour because it was a good balance of activities and free time. During one of the free mornings is when I managed to squeeze in my skydive!

I can’t remember in which order we did everything but on one of the days we did a waterfall hike through the jungle. On the way there we stopped in Nadi high street to grab some lunch. Everyone in the street was so friendly and were shouting BULA (hello) as they passed.

Our tour guide Emi was excellent company and really funny. We taught her some Scottish phrases and she kept shouting them to everyone as we walked through the jungle which was hysterical. In the jungle we had to walk through knee-deep mud which I really enjoyed. Nothing like getting stuck in! My friend didn’t seem to enjoy it that much though when her shoe disappeared into the mud and she had to wait bare foot for someone to fish it out. But those are some of our fondest memories of Fiji now. We finally reached the beautiful waterfall and had some time to swim and jump from the rocks.

Another day we visited a local village which was my favourite day of the trip. We first had lunch cooked by some locals then had a Kava ceremony. Kava is a drink made from a root which is meant to relax the mind and body. I wasn’t fond of the taste but I did notice my lips feeling quite tingly and I felt really chilled out afterwards. After this we danced together to some Fijian music which was so much fun, then the locals sang happy birthday with all of their instruments to one of the girls in our group. We were then taken out bamboo rafting which was such an unforgettable experience.

Later we visited a school where we got to play with the kids for a while. Then they sang a song they had prepared and I teared up knowing they had practiced this just for us.



Next day we visited Natadola beach which is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. It was super quiet and the water was crystal clear. And on the way back we stopped to do some sand boarding. I was dressed rather inappropriately for the activity and got a burnt backside from the hot sand but it was fun none-the-less!


On our last day we visited some mud pools and hot springs before getting dropped off at the airport.


I’m not really one to join tour groups anymore but if you’re going to do one definitely chose Feejee Experience! It was well worth the money and gave us a true cultural experience.

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