Floating Bungalows at Koh Sok National Park

As part of the “Thai Intro” tour I did when in Thailand, we visited Koh Sok National Park in the province of Surat Thani. We slept in the floating bungalow accommodation for one night and it was one of the most memorable places I’ve ever stayed. 

We first started our journey by taking an overnight sleeper train from Bangkok, which was definitely an experience in itself! It was super hot and there were bugs everywhere but it was unforgettable for sure. Especially when I got up at 2am to use the toilet (a hole in the floor) and got covered in an unknown wet substance leaking from the roof when the train slammed on its breaks. Whilst I was mid-flow. Good times.

On the sleeper train

After we got off the train we took our suitcases to our tour leader’s friend’s house so we could leave them there overnight. We took a long-tail boat from Surat Thani to the floating bungalows and had such a fabulous view of the limestone mountains along the way. When we arrived at the bungalows, were warned not to leave our doors unlocked as monkeys were known to break in! I had a quick nap (classic me) before jumping in the beautiful blue water to relax. We spent the afternoon swimming and trying to squeeze 4 people into a kayak made for 2. I eventually had to take one for the team and swim behind the kayak after we capsized 3 times.


Later on, we had a buffet-style dinner prepared by the staff there before we sat down to have some drinks and play card games. Near the end of the night we found ourselves laying on the wooden path outside our bungalows, just gazing at the stars. It was so beautiful because there was zero light pollution and it’s one of those special moments that I’ll remember forever.

In the morning we jumped into the water to wake ourselves up then had THE MOST delicious breakfast I’ve ever had in my life- a giant “Thai pancake”, and super fresh pineapple and watermelon. Sometimes I want to go back just to eat that food again. I would’ve loved to stay a bit longer and would really recommend staying for at least two nights as there is so much more to do and see! Check out Koh Sok’s website for more info.


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