Taking My First Flying Lesson | Flying A Plane With Adventure 001

chloe during her flying lesson

On Thursday I got the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time… take a flying lesson. Yes, I flew a plane. An actual plane. And I lived to tell the tale. Weird. When I started blogging last year I wrote “My Bucket List” as one of my first posts. That was before I really told anyone about my blog so I was surprised to find that my mum had read it when she gave me a flying lesson for Christmas. What a babe. The lesson was booked through Adventure 001 who were super helpful from start to finish.

Arriving at the airfield

I had booked the lesson a few times earlier this year but bad weather resulted in it being cancelled numerous times. The forecast for Thursday was rain and storms again but miraculously the sun came out and I got to fly. I was pretty calm until I actually got to the airfield (in Perth) then I started getting really nervous. My lesson was a “double” lesson which meant I shared it with one other person. I was so nervous that I daydreamed most of the way through the safety briefing… oops. After that we walked out to the tiny little plane.

The guy I was sharing the lesson with insisted “ladies first” so I got into the driving seat and he sat in the back behind me. After the way I flew that plane I bet he wished he went first. I was like Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races in that thing.

Inside the cockpit

inside the cockpit

The plane had dual controls so I imagined it would be kind of like a first driving lesson where you get loads of help. Wrong. The pilot gave me total control the second we were in the air. There isn’t really much to it- it’s pretty simple but oh my god it is also TERRIFYING.

Flying the plane!

Every little bump sent me into a panic. All the while the pilot was just chilling and looking out the side window, asking me about my hobbies. He started pointing out various landmarks on the ground for me to look at. I was just sitting there thinking wtf mate I am trying to fly a plane here.

There was one point we were almost nose diving and he still didn’t flinch, just calmly told me how to fix it. Obviously I wouldn’t want a freak-out pilot who completely took over but I definitely didn’t expect to have 100% control straight away. I finally relaxed a bit (for about 25 seconds) when he took over to turn the plane all the way round so we could go back to Perth. We flew over the two bridges and football stadiums in Dundee which was pretty cool and I was able to take some photos.

view of Dundee from aeroplaneview from aeroplane


I was in control of landing up until 20 seconds before hitting the ground when the pilot took over again. Wild. Once we landed I said I wanted to get out rather than go up again with the other guy. No way was I sitting in the back whilst he flew. If his flying skills were anything like mine I would’ve thrown up. Either that or I’d never step foot on a plane ever again.

chloe outside plane before and after flying lesson
Before and after take off

I’m so glad I got the chance to finally take my first flying lesson. Even if it was a thousand times more scary than I imagined. While I won’t be in a hurry to get my pilot licence anytime soon, it was definitely a really cool experience. If you’re interested in taking a flying lesson too, check out Adventure 001 for more info.

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  1. This is very cool an informative about your first time flying. I love the detail in your writing describing different moments and how you felt!!!💯

  2. This is so awesome, Chloe! This must have been quite an experience. I actually had a private pilots license for a few years, but it is not active anymore. But the dream of flying one day again is very much alive! Thanks for sharing this! Marcus

      1. Hey Chloe, once the flying-bug bites yoú, you are hooked forever. I don’t particularly recall my first lesson, but I vividly remember my first solo flight, when the instructor climbed out and told me to take the plane up all by myself. I really had the jitters, but it was exhilarating all the same. And…I survived 😉 ! Yes, one day I will reactivate my license and go flying again.

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