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A spontaneous weekend glamping in Scotland

Browsing through Facebook last week, I noticed a last minute deal for a glamping dome at Loch Tay Highland Lodges. I’d been glamping in Scotland twice before but in a wooden pod. I’d wanted to sleep in one of these domes for a really long time. So we quickly booked the last one, packed up our stuff and headed out.

We stopped off at Tesco to buy some firewood and food for the night then continued on our way. It was around a 1.5 hour drive from Dundee and it was already dark when we got there (thanks, Scottish winter). The place was kind of like a holiday park which was very different to the field I’d glamped in previously. There were all kinds of accommodations- the domes, wooden pods, small cabins and big fancy lodges. As there is no light pollution there, we could see the hundreds of stars in the sky. It was really pretty. It was right by Loch Tay (who’d have thought) and if you go in summer, you can hire a canoe to explore on the water.

Using the lights from our phones, we took all of our stuff from the car to our dome. We saw others wearing head torches which is such a good idea for next time.

glamping in scotland inside dome
Inside the dome

We unpacked and started the indoor wood burner. The dome was pretty cool inside- it came equipped with two beanbags, two inbuilt lamps and one USB plug. They’d also set out candles for us on the table which I thought was a nice touch. Once our indoor fire had got going, we headed outside to the fire pit to cook. Camping as a vegan for the first time was fun because we had to be inventive with the food we brought. This was the food we took with us, which was all bloody fabulous:

  • Linda Mccartney sausages (amazing, thanks Linda), hotdog rolls, mustard and pre-chopped onions
  • A huge roasting tray of winter veg
  • Chestnuts
  • Churros (Tesco’s own are accidentally vegan btw)
  • Dark chocolate and crisps

Freezing our asses off 

It started raining later in the evening which we kind of expected- we were glamping in Scotland after all. So we headed back inside. We expected the dome to have heated up by then but nope, it was still absolutely FREEZING. Even though there was a burner inside the dome, it was very difficult to stay warm. It’s basically just a thick tent. If you’re glamping in Scotland in winter I’d definitely recommend packing hot water bottles and extra blankets. We sat by the burner for ages, made some tea then headed to bed wearing 7 layers of clothing. Despite the cold though, it was a really nice night.

glamping domes glamping in scotland

I woke up needing to pee around 5am but didn’t want to go outside in the dark. The (very clean) communal toilets were a 5 minute walk away. I managed to hold it until sunrise and finally braced myself for the cold. When I got outside I was met by a beautiful pink sky and decided to go for a walk down to the loch. Nobody was awake yet and the whole place was so peaceful. Just as well, because I was wandering around alone in my pyjamas with a dirty face. I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the sunrise because both of our phones were dead. Tip: take a portable charger (or make sure the USB plug is switched on!).

glamping in scotland domes

Killin, Stirling

Once we left the glamping site, we visited the village of Killin, about 5 or 10 minutes away by car. I’d 100% recommend going there because it’s like a step back in time. Everything is so quaint and cute- they even have an old school sweetie shop. We went to the Courie Inn for lunch which was so lovely. Turned out our server was vegan too- he gave us the night time menu to order from as it had more vegan options. What a cutie. We ordered Cullen skink, homemade chips, roasted veg and some bread with olive oil. He even gave us some cake and ice cream that he’d made. He said he was still experimenting with the recipe but it was really fab, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t add it to our bill.

glamping in scotland vegan cake

glamping in scotland playing scrabble
Playing scrabble after lunch. Turns out you’re not allowed to play upward words… oops

After lunch we made some quick stops at Falls of Dochart and Loch Earnhead before heading back home. Such a great spontaneous trip. Keep an eye out for those last minute deals lads.

You can find Loch Tay Highland Lodges at:

Milton Morenish Estate


FK21 8TY

glamping in scotland - falls of dochart
Falls of Dochart
Chloe and Highland cow glamping in Scotland
A Highland coo at Loch Earnhead

thistle when glamping in scotland

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