Hiking Mount Douglas in Victoria, Canada 

Last week a friend and I decided that instead of our usual alcohol-fuelled weekly meet up, we would be “healthy” and go for a hike. When I say healthy, I mean getting out of breath after 3 seconds of walking and going to eat cake and fries afterwards.

Regardless, we did make it to the top of the place we were hiking, which was a view point called Mount Douglas in Victoria. My friend took me there the first time we ever met but we drove in her car to the top and only stayed for 5 minutes because it was blowin’ a storm up there that day. Walking up was totally different and it felt SO GOOD to be in nature again in amongst all the greenery. It was also nice to get some exercise that wasn’t in a sweaty gym.

The hike only takes around 20-30 minutes and when you get to the top you can climb up the rocks for a fabulous view. On one side you can see the whole city and on the other, some tropical looking islands which could be mistaken for Thailand. I’m obviously not cut out for the blogger life and forgot to take proper photos but luckily we had a mini photoshoot whilst testing out my friend’s new phone camera (zoom in on the first one if you want to laugh).


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