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Over the last year or two I’ve been on a (very slow) journey of minimising and decluttering my life. Making things more simple and reducing stress wherever possible. A few people close to me have recently started life-decluttering too. This is what inspired me to write this post and share some of my top tips on how to simplify life.

If you take a look around you, you’ll notice that a large majority of people are stressed more often than not. And it’s no wonder considering we are now living in a world that is constantly switched on- demanding our time, money and energy. But there are plenty of ways we can reduce that energy demand and make life a little simpler. Here are some that I’ve noticed a positive difference from. Hopefully these can help you too…

How to simplify life 101:

Minimise decision making in the mornings

Simple decision making in the mornings when pushed for time can add a little extra stress to your day. Here’s how I reduce that:

  • Decide what I’m wearing the next day before I go to bed
  • Wash my hair at night instead of in the morning
  • Prepare overnight oats so I don’t have to make breakfast when I wake up
  • Prepare lunch and decide what I’m going to have for dinner a day in advance
  • Write small lists of the important things I need to the next day

Those things may seem stupid or trivial but they really make a huge difference to my mornings. Knowing everything is already organised and pre-decided makes me actually want to get out of bed.

Create a morning and/or evening routine

In addition to making decisions the night before, I’ve created a small morning routine. This consists only of a few simple things that I make a point of doing each morning before showering:

  • Drink a big glass of water
  • Take multivitamins
  • Spend a few minutes using Duolingo
  • Tidy up any mess in my bedroom
  • Meditate for 5 minutes (a really quick and easy task that still has huge benefits)
  • Read two pages out of the book I’m reading

Turn off phone notifications

I found that turning off all notifications for everything except messages and calls made a huge difference. Not having my phone go off every two seconds gave me so much more mental space.

Declutter social media

Deleting my social media altogether was honestly the most beneficial thing I’ve done for my mental health so far but I know that this isn’t realistic for a lot of people. A few months before I deleted it, I just started by unfollowing/ unfriending anyone I no longer talked to. Same for anyone who posted constant drama or negativity. It made using social media less draining.

Clear out clothes

I think that most people have at least a handful of outfits in their wardrobe that they’ve either never worn, or haven’t worn in years. When I declutter my wardrobe I have a rule that I have to get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the last 2 months (with the exception summer clothes in winter or vice versa). I either donate them to charity or sell them on eBay.

Manage money

I’m on a super strict budget for the next few months because I have a lot of debt I need to pay off. I’ve decided how much I’ll spend on food, transport etc. each week then the rest will go towards my credit card payment. I set this payment up on a monthly direct debit so I don’t need to even think about it. Knowing how much I have to spend each week allows me to enjoy my money without wasting it.

I hope that my tips have helped show you how to simplify life or gave you some inspiration. If you have any other advice or ideas please leave a comment and let me know!


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