I'm Going Back To Canada!

So… surprise! The travel bug got the better of me again and I booked another one way flight. 

I still have about a year and a half left on my IEC visa for Canada so I wanted to make the most of it. Being granted the visa in the first place was like winning the lottery (due to the system the Canadian government uses) so I’d be silly not to use it all up! I will be starting my journey from Edinburgh in mid March and flying into Toronto. I’m staying there for 1 night and will hopefully try couch-surfing for the first time (still kinda nervous about it). The next day I’ll be flying to Vancouver and taking a bus from there to Whistler village. A friend of mine is working in Whistler just now so I’m going to visit her for a while. Later in March, I’ll be heading back to Vancouver to meet up with another friend to travel British Columbia some more.

After this, I have no plans. And the plans I do have aren’t set in stone- the only thing I’ve booked so far is my flight to Toronto. It’s probably not a good thing but I find it really difficult to plan in advance. I hate being tied to plans and prefer to just go with the flow, and I totally have a “everything will be fine” attitude. I always say that I wing my way through life and it’s definitely true. It keeps things interesting, and not having any expectations means I’m less likely to be disappointed when things change. I might try to find a job in Canada again, I might come home after a couple of months. I’m trying to take that pressure off myself and just see what happens naturally. I honestly have no idea what will happen but I know it’s going to be an exciting learning journey.

I’m looking forward to whatever life brings in the next few months and I’ll be sure to post what happens along the way!

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    1. Aww thanks lovely! Hehe no need to be sorry, I’m sure if there wasn’t that kind of system Canada would be too full with foreign workers🙈 which part of Canada are you based in?

  1. Girl I love your ballsyness lol, good luck! cant wait to hear your adventures 🙂 maybe ill go visit you for a weekend – xoxo Budgetgirlife.com

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