International Drive, Orlando

I visited Orlando in January this year. I was originally meant to be in Richmond, VA at this time but after two days there my plans fell through and I wanted to leave. Looking on Skyscanner, I noticed that flights to Orlando were super cheap and it was somewhere I had always wanted to go. But I had already booked my flight out of Richmond leaving a week later and couldn’t change it without paying $200. I felt stuck and regretted going to Richmond. Then I realised I could either go for it and go somewhere I’d always wanted to go or I could stay where I was and be miserable just for the sake of not wasting money. So I booked the flight on the Sunday and left on the Monday.

Luckily hotels weren’t that expensive due to the time of year and a friend I had made in Miami a week earlier came to stay with me for my time in Orlando. It worked out perfectly and this situation taught me to always do what makes me happy even if it defies logic.

We stayed in the Comfort Inn on International Drive which was great, especially for the price we paid. International Drive (also known as I-Drive) is a really popular area in Orlando for eating, shopping and nightlife. It was pretty quiet as it was January and we didn’t really meet that many tourists but I kind of enjoyed that. On our first night we walked along I-Drive to explore and stopped at Chili’s to eat. We cheers’d our drinks to ‘an amazing 2016’ which was a really special moment that I’ll never forget. Purely because 2016 truly has been the best year of my life so far.

Whilst walking along I-Drive, amongst all the shops and restaurants, we saw the huge ferris wheel which lights up at night time. I didn’t take many photos in Orlando but I did take one of this. And every time I look at the photo it reminds me of how much power we have over our circumstances and that everything always works out when I just do what makes me happy.


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