Kitsilano Beach- Beautiful Vancouver

My expectations were super high when I arrived in Vancouver. I had spent the two months before travelling the USA and had met so many people who all told me Vancouver was the place to be. They told me how beautiful and relaxed it was, and how friendly everyone was there. But after interacting with a rude taxi driver as soon as I stepped out of the airport I was disappointed.

I first stayed in Richmond (just outside of Vancouver) in a B&B which was super quiet and lonely- I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Two days later I moved to a hostel in downtown Vancouver and was glad to be around others my age again. But the grey clouds and endless summer rain reminded me of home. And because I stayed downtown I didn’t experience this ‘relaxed’ vibe people spoke of. I didn’t enjoy my first few days in Vancouver.

Miraculously the sun came out on my 4th day there and one of my room mates asked if I wanted to go to Kitsilano. That roommate was the first Scottish person I had met whilst travelling so I was looking forward to spending the day together. We walked from our hostel- I can’t remember how long it took but it was a lovely walk across Burrard bridge.

When we arrived at Kitsilano beach I realised that this was the Vancouver everyone was talking about. From the sand on the beach you can see the water, the mountains, the forest and the city all merge together. It’s really surreal and extremely beautiful. ┬áThere were volleyball matches going on and people swimming, boating and biking. I was definitely feeling the relaxed side of Vancouver. And honestly Kitsilano made me fall in love with the city. By the end of the week, I didn’t want to leave.


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