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Back in August I wrote about my goal of wanting to visit 25 countries before my 25th birthday, which is on the 27th December. That gave me just 5 months to complete my goal of visiting 4 more countries. I’m so happy to say that I managed to do it after visiting Krakow, Poland!

Shortly after writing that post I booked a flight to Belgium because it was so cheap (£30 return). I invited my boyfriend to come with me and soon it had turned into a mini road trip around Europe. We rented a car when we landed in Brussels and spent the next week exploring Luxembourg, Cologne and Bruges. That left me with just one more country to visit.

Krakow, Poland

I checked Skyscanner almost every day for about 4 weeks and finally we decided on Krakow, Poland. Our flights were £45 and we rented this beautiful apartment for around £25 a night. Poland honestly blew my expectations and I enjoyed it SO much. I wish we could’ve spent a few more days there and I definitely want to go back again one day.

We arrived in Krakow super sleepy from our early flight and took a taxi into the city. This cost 90 zloty (about £20). We booked this in advance through our apartment owner for convenience but I’m sure you can take a bus which would be much cheaper. As we drove to the apartment, I kept saying that Krakow was exactly how I’d imagined Poland to be. The snow and fog made the place feel very eerie and all of the buildings looked very old, as if they hadn’t changed in 100 years. We took a quick nap (3 hours, lols) then headed out to get some food at Market Square, which was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. We had dinner at Krowarzywa which is a vegan burger place. I had the tofu burger and a green smoothie and it was delicious.

market square krakow, poland
St. Mary’s basilica, Market Square

The next day we went to Auschwitz which I may or may not write a separate post on. I will say that it hit me WAY harder than I thought it would. So bloody sad.

krakow, poland auschwitz
A tiny portion of the Auschwitz camp

When we got home at night we got some more vegan burgers, from Farma this time, and then got drunk in our apartment on £4.50 cherry vodka. The next day we wandered around the Christmas markets in the snow and drank mulled wine in a heated gazebo. Cute. We also got some vegan kebabs from a place called Vegab which were absolutely fab. Really cool concept. You can find it at Starowiślna 6, 31-038 Krakow, Poland.

Wieliczka salt mine

On our last day in Krakow we took a visit to the salt mine. We paid around £30 for our trip there which included transport and a tour guide. Again, just a convenience thing because we had so little time. If you can make your own way there I think the entrance fee was 84 zloty, or £17. We had some more mulled wine while waiting for our tour to start and I accidentally got a little bit drunk…at 11am.

When inside, we couldn’t hear our tour guide properly so we had no clue what was going on. The salt mines were honestly SO cool but we got a bit bored after about 30 minutes. Mainly because we were just following a group without being able to learn anything about the mine. Our tour ended up taking over 2 hours so I’d definitely recommend going without a guide so you can go as fast (or as slow) as you like.

I ended up on a comedown from my mulled wine buzz and because our tour was taking so long we decided to entertain ourselves at the back of our group. I pointed the camera to my boyfriend Chachi and gave him 3 seconds to do the most awkward pose he could come up with. This game went on for quite a while…

At night (our last night) we had some more fabulous vegan food at a Japanese restaurant called Pod Norenami. We got all of this plus drinks for the equivalent of £20:

I was really surprised and happy with the amount of vegan food Krakow had to offer. It was way easier to find than it was in Belgium that’s for sure.

I really enjoyed myself in Poland and I’d really recommend that you visit Krakow if you ever get the chance, especially if you’re a budget traveller. Also- if anyone would be interested in reading about Auschwitz, please leave a comment and let me know because I’m still not too sure how well received it would be.


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  1. Very cool post, Chloe, thanks for sharing. I’m so happy for you that you accomplished your 25/25 goal. Well done! Krakow is beautiful, it is high on my bucket list and your post really inspired me to work on actually getting there. Have a great weekend! Marcus

    1. Thank you Marcus! I hope you get the chance to go. It’s not too far from Germany 🙂 Apparently they get very hot summers in Poland but I really loved the snow and Christmassy feels there! Have you any more trips planned soon?

  2. Hey! I saw your comment on another vegan post about Krakow and came to see if you’d done a similar post ha!
    I’m going to Krakow in June and wanted to find any recommendations for veggie/vegan restaurants so this is perfect..I’m so excited to go – you’re photos look amazing! X

    1. Oh thanks Danielle! If you go to any of these places then I’d definitely recommend the sushi place most of all. I still think about it all the time ha ha! Hope you have an amazing time there! How long are you staying for? xo

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