Picture Perfect Lake Louise | 2018 Travel Plans + Photowall Discount Code

lake louise

Around 4 years ago, I found a picture of Lake Louise online. I didn’t know where it was at the time but the photo kept coming up on my social media over and over again. It looked like the most beautiful place ever and when I found out where it was, I told myself I’d definitely visit Lake Louise before I died. Last year, I was lucky enough to make that happen.

Setting Intentions

I started by posting a picture of the lake on my Instagram page early last year. I captioned it ‘I will make this happen this year’, at the same time having absolutely no idea how I was going to do that. But only 3 months later there I was, standing in front of Lake Louise.

My Instagram post

With 2018 just around the corner I’m starting to think about my goals for the coming year. And as usual, my goals involve a lot of travelling. I want to go to Bali, London, Ireland and a few other places throughout the year. With a really tight budget though, it’s hard to see how I can possibly make it all happen. So remembering last year’s experience, I wanted something that would remind me that everything is possible (as cheesy as that sounds, soz). I talked briefly about how images can help make your dreams a reality in my post about vision boards.

I wanted something that would be there for me to look at every day. To remind me that everything comes down to mindset. So when the lovely people at Photowall contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their products, I jumped at the chance and ordered a canvas with my Lake Louise picture on it. It’s now hanging proudly in my bedroom, motivating me to make more crazy travels happen in 2018.

My canvas is 60 x 40 cm and fits perfectly under my window (excuse the bad lighting):

lake louise

I had to assemble it myself but it came with really clear instructions and only took me a couple of minutes. No complicated DIY required, just a bit of sticking and twisting.

Photowall discount code

The website will tell you which sizes of canvas your specific image can fit onto. This just means that you won’t end up with a pixelated mess. And if you don’t have any particularly great images of your own, they have hundreds of pretty designs you can choose from. They have everything from typography and art to vehicles and space. They also have some beautiful wall murals which I really wanted to try- unfortunately I just don’t have anywhere suitable to put one. You can check out their website at photowall.co.uk to view their full range. I have to add that their customer service has been absolutely excellent too. I’ve been very, very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish.

They’ve also been kind enough to give me a 20% discount for my readers. If you are interested in purchasing any of their products, you can use the code below (not case sensitive):


I hope you enjoyed this post and it hope inspired you to start focusing on your 2018 goals. Do you have any travel plans for the coming year?



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