Ways to Save Money For Travel | How I Paid For a Round The World Trip

piggy bank: ways to save money for travel

After I booked my round the world flight back in February 2013, I had no savings left. I worked out that even if I saved every single penny I earned until my leaving date in June, I’d still be way short of money for food and accommodation. But miraculously, I somehow managed to do it.

I always thought that a round the world trip was only something I could do once I’d won the lottery. But I was definitely not rich. With the flights booked, I had no option but to make this trip a priority.  I spent the next 4 months coming up with different ways to save money for travel. Eventually it all came together and I was off to see the world.

Although big nights out and fancy restaurants were out of the question, I didn’t want to completely give up my social life. But saving to travel requires some kind of sacrifice so I had to get creative. Here are some of the thrifty changes I made to save for my round the world trip…

Easy ways to save money for travel

two girls sitting on a swing on a beach: ways to save money for travel
With my friend Jess in Phuket: July 2013

I sold my old stuff

I had car boot-sales and sold my old clothes and shoes on eBay. This helped me save around £250 over a couple of months. And I never missed any of the stuff I sold either. I think most people have loads of unused stuff lying around that someone else would be happy to pay for.

I switched banks

I got £100 just for changing who I banked with. Nothing else changed and it was all switched over automatically. Check out MoneySavingExpert for the latest bank offers.

I got a second job

One of the easiest ways to save money for travel was getting a second job. I was already working part time in a call centre but wasn’t able to increase my hours at that time. So I got a job cleaning people’s houses for a couple of hours a week. That was another few hundred in the bank. Easy.

I budgeted like CRAZY

I have always saved a little of my income anyway but such a big trip meant I had to be extra careful with my money. For the 4 months leading up to my trip, I saved 85% of the wages from my main job and 100% from my second job. I set a budget of £30 a week which paid for my food, petrol and leisure costs (I was also living at home so had no rent to pay- thnx Fiona). I put the rest of my money into a separate account and gave the bank card to my gran so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it.

I packed my lunches

I stopped spending money on food at work. Instead, I made Tupperware boxes of pasta, curries and soups which helped me stick to my budget. Way healthier too!

I stopped going clubbing

Instead of spending money on pubs and clubs I started just having drinks at home with my friends. Or watching movies with some snacks.

girl skydiving: ways to save money for travel

I sold my car

My car was just a little runaround but selling it before I left gave me an extra £400. That paid for more than 1 month’s accommodation!

I stopped buying clothes

After selling clothes I hadn’t worn in years I realised I did not need any more! Travel was more of a priority to me at this point than new clothes were. I managed just fine with what I had in my wardrobe.

I cancelled my gym membership

Paying for the gym was a huge waste of money when I wasn’t even using it. Even if I was, I could’ve still cancelled it and exercised outside for free!

I spent more time outside

Instead of doing things that involved money all the time, I started going for walks. It was free, passed the time, and being outside made me feel good.

Girl standing on beach: ways to save money for travel
At “The Beach” in Koh Phi Phi: July 2013

I hope you enjoyed this post and that these ways to save money for travel will help you towards funding your next trip. If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments.



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  1. 30 days in the US for my next trip in the summer so I’ll be using some of these tips to save as much between now and then. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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