My Bucket List

I recently looked through my old journal and found the bucket list I’d written years ago when I was 17… A big list of the things I most wanted to achieve before I die. It was cool to see what I’m now able to tick off, when at the time it was just a bunch of wild ideas. I’ve added some new things to this list and have removed some that are no longer important to me. Most of my bucket list is travel related but the latter part is more personal and I will continue to update this list as I go.

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon (June 2014)
  2. Visit the Bahamas
  3. Visit LA (August 2013)
  4. Travel alone (Thailand, April 2012)
  5. See the Northern lights
  6. Touch an elephant (Thailand, April 2012)
  7. Do a round the world trip (Summer 2013)
  8. Skydive (Fiji, July 2013)
  9. Scuba dive (Thailand, April 2012)
  10. See Lake Louise (July 2016)
  11. Become fluent in another language
  12. Scuba dive/snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  13. Bungee jump (Whistler March 2017)
  14. Ride in a hot air balloon
  15. Visit Phi-Phi Island (June 2013)
  16. Climb a mountain (Ben Nevis, June 2012)
  17. Live in a different country (Canada, Summer 2016)
  18. Go to Disneyland (Paris, November 2012)
  19. See the blue lagoon in Iceland (August 2013)
  20. Swim under a waterfall (Fiji, July 2013)
  21. Swim with sea turtles (Mexico, June 2016)
  22. Sleep in a glass igloo in Kakslauttanen
  23. See a Broadway show in New York (August 2013)
  24. See orangutans in Borneo
  25. Swim with wild dolphins
  26. Swim in a cenote (Mexico, June 2016)
  27. Walk around in Santorini
  28. Visit Hawaii
  29. Visit India for Diwali festival
  30. Kayak (Thailand, April 2012)
  31. Visit Lapland at Christmas
  32. Go to the top of the Eiffel tower (November 2012)
  33. Go wine tasting (Scotland, April 2016)
  34. See the statue of liberty in New York (August 2013)
  35. Visit the Amazon rainforest
  36. Go on an African safari
  37. Touch a tiger (Thailand, April 2012)
  38. See the rocky mountains (July 2016)
  39. Visit Stonehenge
  40. Bamboo rafting (Fiji, July 2013)
  41. See Pink Lake in Australia
  42. Extract honey from a beehive (Mexico, June 2016)
  43. Learn to surf (Bali, July 2013)
  44. Learn to kite surf
  45. Paraglide (Turkey, June 2010)
  46. Visit Yosemite National Park
  47. Visit Niagara Falls (August 2016)
  48. Learn to snowboard or ski
  49. White water rafting (Thailand, June 2013)
  50. Hold a monkey (Thailand, April, 2012)
  51. Fly first class
  52. Take a cooking class in Thailand (April 2012)
  53. See the fairy pools in Skye
  54. Teach abroad (Ghana, May 2015)
  55. Live in Australia
  56. Go in a submarine
  57. Fly a plane (August 2017)
  58. Pass my driving test (January 2012)
  59. Buy my own car (May 2012)
  60. Start my own business
  61. Give a large amount of money to someone anonymously
  62. Have no credit card debt
  63. Get paid to do something I genuinely love for a living
  64. Write a book
  65. Squat 60kg without help (December 2015)
  66. Deadlift 100kg
  67. Start a gratitude journal (June 2016)
  68. Be a mentor to a child (February- December 2015)
  69. Get into university (May 2013)
  70. Have a dinner party (March 2016)
  71. Be able to do the splits (September 2015)
  72. Learn to play a full song on guitar
  73. Do a wide grip pull-up
  74. Start a blog (September 2016)

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