Overcoming Fear | A Personal Development Challenge

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You all know that I love a good challenge. And since I did my 30-day writing challenge back in September, I’ve been feeling a bit complacent again. So what else to do than set myself another challenge? This time, my challenge is “overcoming fear”. I’ve written a list of things that make me uncomfortable, that I want to overcome (at least a tiny bit). And whilst they are not all necessarily fears, I avoid them like the plague because I dislike how they make me feel.

Overcoming fear…

Honestly, this is probably the most intense task I’ve ever set myself and I’m scared as hell. But life is all about experiences amirite? My plan is to pick one fear from my list at a time and do something to put myself in the midst of it. On the days that I’m not busy overcoming fear, I’ll be doing one thing (every day) that I’ve never done before. Then I’ll post the results on my blog to share what happened. Here is my list:

Public speaking

Probably an obvious one. One of my biggest fears has always been speaking in front of groups. And when I say groups, I mean like, more than 2 people. Communicating in general is something I want to get better at but I know this is going to be the biggest challenge of the month.


I know you probably wouldn’t think it with the amount of travelling I do but I HATE change. I’ve realised recently how much I love comfort and familiarity. I’d like to make a big change this month to shake things up.

Crowds and busy places

This is the only ‘fear’ that makes me react with anger. I don’t know why. I get the rage even just walking down a busy supermarket aisle and I can’t work out properly if the gym’s not quiet. Also, I cried once because I was so stressed after walking through the town centre on a busy day. Problem.

The dentist

I like to pretend I’m over this but in reality I just don’t think about it and avoid going. Ew.


I have to say I am getting better at this one already- I’ve managed to take on a couple of new commitments in the last few months. But rather than overcoming my fear, it seems to be a constant battle of feeling good then feeling trapped. I’d like to keep challenging myself in this area.


Ugh. I don’t think of myself being overly terrified of creepy crawlies but I just haven’t seen any in a while. The last time a big spider was in my house I was sweating and almost crying trying to battle it out.

Rejection/Allowing myself to be vulnerable

I (and probably a lot of other people) tend to avoid putting myself out there in fear of being humiliated or rejected. I want to do something this month that allows me to be super vulnerable so I can show myself it’s OK.

Subscribe to my blog and keep your eyes peeled for the coming posts. I’m sure November is going to be an absolute riot. Wish me luck…

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  1. Omg, I hate public speaking, crowded places and rejection as well! These are one of my top fears. Don’t know when will I ever overcome them though hahahaha. I hope you’ll be able to overcome them soon & share your experience with all of us! 🙂

    1. I think public speaking is a big one for a lot of people! I’m sure you can overcome them if you challenge yourself 😉 Thanks for reading Michelle xo

  2. Well done on facing your fears! I look forward to reading how you get on. I used to be terrified of public speaking but now I quite enjoy it- I still have plenty of other fears though!

  3. Great post, Chloe, and I can relate a lot. Public speaking comes with my job, in which also managing change plays a big role. Still I’m always nervous before those meetings and only get comfy once things started. About fear of rejection….This weekend I’m attending a Street Photography workshop with the title “Conquer your Fears” 😉 So I must have a deficit there as well 😉 Have a great weekend! Marcus

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