Depression While Travelling | It Gets Better


A while ago I shared a post about my depression while travelling from when I first got to Canada. I wanted to admit that this was a watered-down version of how bad I actually felt because although I wanted to share my experiences, I didn’t want to worry people back home. Here is a note that I […]

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Canada travel diaries #3- Victoria, BC

28/3 I’ve somewhat recovered from my mini break down the other day. I still feel really shit but I’m starting to find a little bit of hope, probably cause I downed loads of cod liver oil tablets this morning (omega 3s for tha brain). I realised, or more like remembered, that all of my pain and […]

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Depression.. again

I’ve only been gone for two weeks and haven’t even started working yet but already my depression is rearing its head again. I know it’s unreasonable and logically I know everything I’m thinking is a lie but this feeling seems uncontrollable. I’m sad, stressed and honestly disappointed. I had such high expectations for this trip […]

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