How Not to Travel | An Idiot Abroad

Reflecting back on my travels and looking at the photos I took is always a lot of fun for me- remembering my best times and all of the amazing things I did by myself. What I try not to remember though, is the amount of ridiculous situations I’ve got myself into while travelling. I thought […]

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25 of My Favourite Travel Memories


My 25th birthday is fast approaching and I’ve been reflecting a lot about my life lately. When I was a kid, I used to say I’d be married with 3 kids when I’m 25. The reality is pretty different. All of my friends are buying houses, getting engaged and having babies. And me… I just […]

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My Weekend in Kingston

I took the bus to Kingston on Saturday morning with an Argentinian guy, Alvaro, who I met at my hostel in Montego Bay. We took the local bus which doesn’t have a schedule and just goes once it’s full. Really full. Adam from our hostel walked us to the station and spoke in Patois to […]

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