The Butchart Gardens in Victoria

The minute I Googled “things to do in Victoria” earlier this year I was instantly set on going so I could visit Butchart Gardens. When I arrived here in March I discovered the entrance fee was $30 and kept telling myself I’d go later, mainly cause I’m so stingy. But on Saturday I realised I only had two more non-working days left to explore the city so I invited a couple of friends to come with me.

We took the bus from downtown Victoria, which dropped us off right outside the entrance, and it took around 1 hour to get there. The front gate was bloody spectacular with flags and flowers everywhere. There was also a band playing classical music just inside with a little seating area to listen. Despite the hundreds of other tourists running around it was so calm and peaceful.

The gardens each have a different theme- Italian, Japanese and Mediterranean are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. My favourite was the Japanese one because I’m an absolute sucker for water features. Although I did LOVE all of the tulips that filled the whole place. I was so happy I made it in time to see them because they were starting to die off a bit. I guess tulip season is almost done.

There are a few outrageous fountains and lots of nice spots to chill on a sunny day. We stopped at the little cafe halfway round which was also super expensive so naturally I had $5 ice cream for lunch. Cheapskatelife.

We took around 2 hours to get through the whole thing but you could definitely make a day of it if you took your time. I heard summer is the best time to go because they also do a firework display on weekends.

Although it’s pretty pricey I’d definitely say it is worth a visit. Usually I don’t like to go to major tourist attractions but this is as beautiful as everyone says it is. If you’re ever in Victoria, make sure you check it out!

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  1. I love going to gardens and looking at fountains..especially during the summer zenned! Love your pictures and thanks for sharing!

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