A Travel Diary | Miami, Florida

I got off the plane in Fort Lauderdale and went to passport control. The officer asked a million questions about Jamaica, looked at all of the stamps in my passport then asked “how do you afford to travel so much, what do you do for work?”. My response of “I worked in a call centre and I’m just careful with my money” was not believable enough. Weird. I got sent to get my case searched and the guy ripped the lining inside to check there was nothing suspicious planted. RIP my case. After it was determined I wasn’t actually a drug mule, I was free to go.

I took an Uber to South Beach and my driver was called Donald. He was an absolute riot. He barely spoke English but used Google translate on his phone every time I said something he didn’t understand. After 5 minutes of me trying to understand his question about a balloon costume I realised he meant swimsuit. Haha. He blasted some reggaeton music and started having a dance party in the car. What a guy.

I met my friend Vivian at our hostel and we were both so tired so just relaxed for the day at the beach.

On Friday we met up with my first ever travel blogger friend, Jen, who lives here. We went to Surfcomber hotel by the beach and spent the day swimming again. I got sunburned and ended up looking like Rudolph, damnit.

Surfcomber hotel
Being photobombed by Max from Catfish

At night we went on a bar crawl which was wild. We were chilling in the first bar having a few casual drinks until our group left to go to the bar’s other room. The music was blaring, there were stripper poles and it was packed. This girl came out and started dancing in her underwear. People (guys and girls) were throwing dollars at her and guys kept touching her when she was dancing. Hate to be a party pooper but I honestly felt like I was going to cry because I know how dark that industry is.

After we left that bar we went to the fire and ice bar which was so freaking cool (lol). They gave us giant fur coats and I felt like an old school pimp.

We got two extremely annoying roommates from Spain who have woken me up around 675 times in the past few days. They were kinda creepy so I told them we were 16 and they haven’t talked to us since. I’m pretty passive when it comes to confrontation but Vivian just tells them to shut up when they’re being noisy. Haha. Travelling with her has been funny because she has absolutely no filter. We got new room mates the other day and because they were brown she immediately asked if they were from India. They gave us a dirty look and said “Egypt” then she realised how racist that was. Oops.

We decided to extend our stay in Miami so I’ll be here until I go back to Scotland next week. Part 2 coming soon.


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  1. Well yeah. If you have been on the road a lot and look young. These customs and border control folks seems to ask lots of questions. Actually the same happens at British customs too!

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