Travelling Solo: Some tips

Thank you to Jen from for this guest post and these fab tips!

Some tips for travelling solo:

In the summer of 2015 I decided to make my first big trip to Paris all alone. I had wanted to go ever since I could remember and everything was set for me to go. I got a round trip ticket from Miami to Paris for like only $860! It was a steal I HAD to do it! I had a couple of people bringing me down about it but when it comes to your dreams you have go for it!

Since I was traveling solo, I tried to stay as safe and knowledgeable as I could. I would have all directions researched and written on my phone before heading out. One important rule as a solo traveler is to always be prepared for anything! Have your directions confirmed and also carry an external phone charger just in case you run out of battery.

I also always tried to travel light. I was warned of thefts on the subway so I took precaution and always had a small purse on my lap while I rode the train. ***Also carry a map****

Where to stay as a solo traveler?

I would suggest a hotel or Airbnb close to where there are a lot of people nearby- I personally feel safer knowing I’m in a good neighborhood. When I stayed in Paris I used Airbnb which is a great way to save money and stay like a local. The flat I stayed at was near a shopping center so when I would walk around at any given time and I always felt safe. I paid around $65 a night for an apartment all to myself.

Make a to do list

Doing things by yourself might seem stressful but try to stay organized! Make a to do list of all the places you want to visit, and the day and times you want to go. If you stay organized, you will be able to manage your time and get to do and see everything you wanted to! I planned a day to see The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and a tour of The Seine River all in one day. It’s best to see where all your tourist destinations are and how close to each other they are. This can save you some time if you’re in a rush.

Don’t be scared!

Traveling solo is an eye opener. You get to know yourself a little more and it’ll make you feel empowered! So go out there… book a flight and explore!

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