Visiting a Mayan Village in Mexico

I loved writing about my Mexico experience so I’m writing a part two to share the rest of my trip.

After the first few days I don’t really remember what order everything happened in but on one of the days we visited a hotel in Tulum to see and learn about their melipona bee hive (part of my friend’s hostel expedition). The melipona bees don’t sting and it was really cool to see them up so close. We even got to extract and taste honey straight from the hive. 

melipona bees.png

My friend and the hotel owner got chatting and they invited us to visit a Mayan village with them the next day. This was hands down one of my favourite days in Mexico. Normally you’d have to pay for a ‘tour’ to be able to do this but they took us for free in their car. The Mayan people were so friendly towards us. When we arrived, they did a traditional “welcome” ceremony, with me going first as I was a woman. They then showed us around whilst explaining the history behind their culture. I found it so cool that they used plants as medicine, cooked on fires and didn’t have a proper toilet. They also made us a delicious Mayan lunch which was eggs, vegetables and some kind of homemade bread thing cooked on a stone stove- so yummy.


After lunch we lay on the hammocks and had a short nap before heading off. Later that day, after an unsuccessful hitch-hiking attempt, we took a taxi to the beach just by Papaya Playa. My friend went in the ocean to swim but I decided to just chill on the beach as it was getting cold. When it got dark we went in search of somewhere to stay for the night. After walking for a while we finally found a cool little hostel where they had rooms inside concrete tubes. This was one of my favourite places that we stayed.


The next day we took a bus to the place we were going to be couchsurfing for a night. The bus dropped us off in the middle of the highway and we had to walk through what looked like a jungle for about 1 hour in the mid-day heat.

Halfway through our walk, a wild dog came running out of the bush and I got the fright of my life. I’m scared of dogs at the best of times, never mind wild, foreign dogs. Luckily it wasn’t aggressive and just walked in front of us for a long time, almost like it was showing us the way. We arrived at the ‘host’s’ house only to be sent on our way with a business card after he showed us around. Turns out he thought we were only interested in finding out about his architecture business. So off we went back into the jungle and headed back to Playa Del Carmen to stay at my friend’s friend’s house again.

My friend had planned to travel Northern Mexico but I didn’t have time as I was flying to the USA later in the week. So my last 3 days in Mexico were spent on my own. I stayed in Playa Del Carmen as it was touristy and felt safer. I found a really cool hostel called Lobo De Mar which was only £6 a night and had a rooftop pool and bar! I met a really lovely girl from England and got to visit/swim in a cenote which I’d always wanted to do.

Although I probably did choose the ‘safer’ places in Mexico to visit, I’m really glad I finally had the courage to go. And I’m glad I got to have an authentic Mexican experience at the same time.


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