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what i ate today vegan

At the beginning of September I decided I’d go plant-based/vegan for the whole month. I have been mostly vegetarian for around a year now but have been thinking a lot about going fully vegan. I like to challenge myself and so I thought I’d finally give it a go. “What I ate today” posts are my favourite type of posts to read too so I thought a vegan edition would be fun to share.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun being vegan has been so far. Getting enough protein, calories and vitamins is really not as hard as I thought it was at all and in fact, most vegans I’ve spoken to have said exactly the same thing. I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen and am really enjoying trying new recipes. I’ve been snacking more and it’s actually been easier to get reach my calorie count in the last two weeks than it ever has been. Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast- banana pancakes

These are made from only 3 ingredients- ground oats, a banana and almond milk. Easy. 
what I ate today- banana pancakes

Snack- hummus and peppers

Some healthy fats, fibre and vitamins. Lots of vitamin C too!

what I ate today- peppers and hummus

Snack- dark chocolate and strawberries

I may or may not be developing an addiction to dark chocolate.

chocolate and strawberries- what i ate today

Snack- seaweed

I totally thought these were some kind of cool seaweed snack but it turned out to be overpriced sheets of seaweed. Still good though.

what i ate today- seaweed

Dinner- veggie burger with homemade chips and sauerkraut

Turns out sriracha mayo is vegan too. Who knew?

burger and fries- what i ate today

Snack (yes, again)- homemade guacamole and tortilla chips

What I ate today: snack edition. Snacks = life.

guacamole and chips

I also drank a lot of tea and had a little bit more dark chocolate whilst writing this. Maybe I could’ve eaten a bit better but it’s still not too bad considering it’s PMS week! Haha. As I said, I’m really enjoying experimenting and I think I am going to continue eating plant-based once this month is up. I feel a million times better for it already.

Hope you enjoyed reading what I ate today. If you have any yummy vegan recipes or blogs to share, please send me a message!

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