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What a wild week it’s been so far. I’ve been constantly travelling and I didn’t have best start to the beginning of my trip to Canada when the airline left my suitcase in Iceland. I’m managing with what I’ve got in my hand luggage just now but it’s safe to say I have been STRESSED. And a stressed Chloe does one of two things-

1. Have sleep for dinner and not eat at all

2. Eat the biggest load of junk food ever

Neither are great. Not eating properly only makes me feel worse. So when I got to Whistler and got somewhat settled, I decided I needed to go eat something filling and nutritious. Here’s what I ate yesterday:

For breakfast I had my usual oats and peanut butter as it’s cheap and high in calories. I also had an apple and some rooibos tea.

For lunch I had some pad Thai with tofu from a little healthy cafe called Gone Eatery. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much healthy food is available in such a small town and I love it.

Halfway through our hike to Train Wreck we stopped at a shop at the side of the road and I got a vegan cookie dough protein bar. The ingredients weren’t the best but they weren’t too bad either. I got some lemon and ginger water kefir too which was… interesting.

When we got back from our hike I made some ramen (not pictured and definitely not healthy, but balance amirite?). I had another apple later on, then for dinner I had some veggie sushi at a lovely restaurant in the village.

I don’t track my calories/macros when I’m not at home so usually just listen to my body and make healthy food choices (most of the time).

I’m off to Vancouver soon and am excited to try some more healthy restaurants and cafes. See you next week!

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