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I’ve been really enjoying reading other bloggers “what’s in my travel bag” posts and decided to write one too. I’m a very light packer most of the time and I used to just take the absolute bare minimum. Normally I would just roll on a flight with nothing more than my passport and money. But after some very uncomfortable experiences, my list has slowly grown. The things I take now are things I consider absolutely essential. So, exactly what’s in my travel bag? Let me tell you…


Obviously, an essential if flying outside of the country.

An extra outfit

I did this when flying to Canada in March but only because I didn’t have enough room left in my case. When my suitcase got delayed for 5 days however, that turned out to be a huge blessing. It saved me having to wear the same underwear and clothes the next day on another flight.


Lip balm and moisturiser-

That aircon is wild, man. I used to come off the plane with chapped lips and painfully dry skin so now I am never without these two products. I just squeeze my moisturiser into one of those little 100ml bottles for taking on board with me. My favourite lip balm to use for flights is Blistex relief cream.

Toothpaste, a toothbrush, face wipes, gum and deodorant-

Good for freshening up at the end of long-haul flights.

A jumper or 2

Flights tend to be either uncomfortably hot or absolutely freezing. I remember once I was on a 6 hour flight and it was so cold. I didn’t have anything other than the t-shirt I was wearing and the airline didn’t have blankets. Definitely a lesson to always have an extra layer. Better to have it and take it off than to not have it at all.

An empty water bottle

I usually have an empty water bottle with me so I can get it through security and then ask a flight attendant to fill it up for me in the air. Most will do this without a problem but if you’re flying with a really cheap airline it’s best to buy some after security. Just in case.


My blood sugar gets low pretty quickly and aeroplane food isn’t always the healthiest. I always make sure I have some snacks with me. A lot of people don’t know this but you’re allowed to take most food through security. Some of my go to plane snacks are nuts, fruit and protein bars.


I remember being on one long-haul flight and not having earphones to watch the movies. The airline didn’t provide them for free and would only accept payment by credit card, which I didn’t have. I eventually managed to get some for free (perks of looking 12 years old and vulnerable). But after that I make sure I always have them with me.

A book

To keep me entertained both on the flight and whilst waiting at the gate.

A notebook and pen

I always make sure I have emergency numbers written down on paper as well as the address of where I’ll be staying. Good for filling out visa forms on the plane or if your phone runs out of battery.

Phone, phone charger and world travel adapter

I always freakout that my phone will die and I’ll be stranded in the middle of a foreign land with no idea where to go. So I make sure I always have means of charging it.

My purse

I always make sure to keep all my cards on me and take a small amount of the local currency for arriving.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what’s in my travel bag! What are your travel essentials? Leave a comment and let me know!




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  1. Great list! I just recommend investing in noise cancelling headsets for flights, this has saved my sooooo many times. There always seems to be a crying child nearby, and this way I just don’t have to worry/care anymore. My most valuable travel item. Marcus

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